Our Story

ARTISANS OF SARDINIA is a local independent Sardinian restaurant

based in Putney, London. Described as a taste of Sardinia at the heart of Putney,  We work exclusively with imported ingredients from the Island.

September 1st 2019, MASSIMO MASILI, after have worked world wide

with the last experience of 13 years in Beijing China, returned from his

international experience and took over the Restaurant to make a new step

and another 20 years of success.


Artisans of Sardinia  prides itself on cooking fresh dishes using local

and organic produce. With their pasta and bread freshly made each day,

the restaurant lets itself get inspired by the seasons to consistently create menus

and approach traditional Sardinian cooking with an open mind.


If there is one thing that best describes Artisans Of Sardinia's mission,

it is their belief that good food and wine is something to be celebrated

and enjoyed by anyone and everyone. As their owners exclaim, "food and wine

is the key to good company and the treasuring of time.

Our only aim is that we help each customer fall in love with food again,

simply and wholly."

Owner, Sommelier & Executive Chef

Massimo Masili

"Sardinia should be in mind of all world"

I'm here to let You discover the Island as its best

Artisans of Sardinia works directly with small producers, so called Artisans, to make sure that when

You dine at our permise, Massimo and team

makes You feel the breeze of the Island for a moment. 

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